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The end of a long Anglicare chapter

The decision by Anglicare to abandon residential aged care has caused anguish and sadness, even if it was inevitable.

It has sold its five nursing homes in Canberra and across the south coast to the Returned Services League as "on-going concerns". The Anglican Church (in this Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn) continues to provide chaplaincy and pastoral care to residents in the homes. And it continues to own cheaper to run 'retirement living premises' in Red Hill, Downer and Goulburn.

The Anglicare Board urged a sale more than four years ago. When they did sell early this year the church got less for them.

Anglicare said the transfer to another provider was done in a way that ensured residents were being put "at the centre". "But it is with a heavy heart that we do this," spokesman Bishop Stephen Pickard said at the time the decision was made.

His heaviness of heart is based on a belief that institutions like the Anglican Church, from parishes to …